Providing engineering education in the 21st century is a challenging prospect to say the least. Engineering institutions in the private sector need to understand that engineering education worldwide has progressed beyond the traditional classroom and has become more goal-oriented, with well defined learning and skill outcomes, measured against global benchmarks. Hence, the approach to engineering education needs to be professionalized.

We at Innovation Unlimited realize the challenges that Institutions in the private sector face in providing a holistic educational experience to their students. We extend professional expertise and consultancy in facilitating all the stakeholders - students, faculty and management - in setting up quantifiable quality benchmarks, a set of result-oriented processes and finally the monitoring mechanisms to track and take corrective action wherever necessary. This is what we call a 360° approach to Quality Education.

Services Offered

  1. Preparation of Detailed Project Reports (DPRs) for AICTE Approval in
    1. Setting up of New Institutions
    2. Addition of New Course
    3. Increase/variation in Intake

  2. NBA Accreditation (Consultancy and Hand-holding mode)
    1. Orientation programmes
    2. Faculty/student workshops
    3. Roadmap planning
    4. Progress tracking
    5. Mock inspections
    6. Departmental mentoring
    7. Creation of documentary evidence
    8. Help in designing distinctive academic initiatives

  3. Hands-on Research Workshops in CS and IT (where faculty is guided through the process of identification of a research problem, devising research-based solutions and finally preparing and publishing a research paper)

  4. Conducting Project Workshops - Major Projects for final-year students, allowing them to undertake challenging, high-quality, industry-relevant projects on latest technologies

  5. Preparation of Proposals for AICTE Grants
    1. Industry-Institute Partnership Cell
    2. Entrepreneurship development Cell
    3. Modernization and Removal of Obsolescence (MODROBS)
    4. Seminar Grants
    5. Research Promotion Scheme
    6. Innovation Promotion Scheme

  6. Quality Assurance (Obtaining ISO 9001:2008, 14001 Certification etc.)
  7. Intellectual Property Rights/ Filing Patents

  8. Turnkey Technology Projects (Campus Management, Asset Management, Library Automation, Biometric Attendance, Virtual Classrooms, Networking, Wi-Fi campus etc.)

  9. General Consultancy on all Academic/Administrative Matters/Best Practices

Our Approach

The consultancy process adopted by Innovation Unlimited is objective and tangible.

We conduct workshops to guide the faculty of the host institution through the process of defining quantifiable objectives and putting the checks, balances and measurements in place to ensure compliance with the stated objectives.

The faculty receives our detailed checklists and specific document templates which can be customized to any local environment, ensuring that the institutions processes can be quickly defined and put in place. Such an approach is extremely useful for NBA accreditation, ISO certifications or preparing for inspections etc.