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P2P Based Service Provisioning on Distributed Resources

SUJOY MISTRY, Arijit Mukherjee, Nandini Mukherjee, Dibyanshu Jaiswal


Dynamic or demand-driven service deployment in a Grid or Cloud environment is an important issue considering the varying nature of demand. Most distributed frameworks either offer static service deployment which results in resource allocation problems, or, are job-based where for each invocation, the job along with the data has to be transferred for remote execution resulting in increased communication cost. An alternative approach is dynamic demand-driven provisioning of services as proposed in earlier literature, but the proposed methods fail to account for the volatility of resources in a Grid environment. In this paper, we propose a unique peer-to-peer based approach for dynamic service provisioning which incorporates a Bit-Torrent like protocol for provisioning the service on a remote node. Being built around a P2P model, the proposed framework caters to resource volatility and also incurs lower provisioning cost.

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