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NEWS: Towards an Early Warning System for Network Faults

Purnendu Prabhat, Ankur Gupta


Ecient network fault detection is a complex process especially when scale, heterogeneity of devices and intercon-
nectivity issues are factored in. Network Management Stations rely on performing polling via ICMP and SNMP
for the observed network topology while also correlating asynchronous device-level events/traps to determine the
root-cause for network fault. As the size of the network increases, both approaches suer from delays and inac-
curacies. This research paper proposes a theoretical framework for an early warning system for network faults
based on analysis of the past behavior of the network and creating spatial and temporal patterns of correlated
events. Early warning events aid in quick detection/classication of faults and provide some headroom for the
human administrators to take preventive action to reduce impact of impending faults.

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