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Deadline constrained task scheduling in the cloud computing using a discrete firefly algorithm

Mina Hoseinnejhad, Nima Jafari Navimipour


Cloud computing is used to provide convenient and quick access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources. In cloud computing, information technology (IT) related capabilities are provided as services, accessible cloud computing is a model to provide convenient and on-demand access without requiring detailed knowledge of the underlying technologies, and with minimal management effort. There are many challenges in cloud computing. Tasks scheduling is considered as one of these challenges. The concept of scheduling as one of the famous NP-Hard problems is an optimal allocation of suitable resources to tasks. This study presents a new deadline–aware scheduling approach using discrete firefly algorithm. The makespan is improved compared to FCFS, A2DJS, ELPR, and HLBA scheduling algorithm based on the results of simulation in the Cloudsim environment. Also, missed tasks are decreased using the suggested method compared to FCFS, SPN, HRRN, and PSO.

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