Vol 3, No 3 (2012)

November 2012

Table of Contents

Original Research

Competition, Cooperation, and Optimization in Multi-Hop CSMA Networks with Correlated Traffic PDF
Zhefu Shi, Cory C Beard, Ken Mitchell
Auction-based Admission Control for Continuous Queries in a Multi-Tenant DSMS PDF
LORY AL MOAKAR, Panos K. Chrysanthis, Christine Chung, Shenoda Guirguis, Alexandros Labrinidis, Panayiotis Neophytou, Kirk Pruhs
Integrated Push Pull Algorithm with Accomplishment Assurance in VANETs PDF
Ajay Guleria, Dr. Narottam C. Kaushal, Lalit Kumar Awasthi
Temporal-Textual Retrieval: Time and Keyword Search in Web Documents PDF
Ali Khodaei, Cyrus Shahabi, Amir Khodaei
An Improved DSM System Design and Implementation PDF
Chapram Sudhakar, T. Ramesh


Computational and Compressed Sensing Optimizations for Information Processing in Sensor Network PDF
Vijay Kumar

ISSN: 0976-5034