Perpetual Innovation Media Pvt. Ltd. specializes in software development for academia. Our team comprises individuals with international work experience with companies like HP and IBM.


  • Performance Insight 360


    Performance Insight 360 is an advanced analytics framework for measuring student, faculty, departmental and institutional performance on several quality parameters over sustained periods of time. Deploy now and create a high-performance workplace where individual expectations are managed and everyone is aligned with institutional objectives. Showcase your institution with confidence during NBA/NAAC peer-team visits for accreditation. Call now or email to setup a 30 day FREE trial. find out more...


Configuration and Deployment of open-source software for academia
  • Learning Management System

    Are your students able to access course content anywhere, anytime? Are your students able to reach out to faculty and discuss academic and non-academic issues? Are you able to provide world-class content to your students beyond the classroom? Are you engaging with your students after college hours?

    If not, let us setup a world-class learning management system (LMS) for you. The deployed system shall be available to your faculty and students 24x7 and will provide access to MIT Open Courseware, Courses from IITs through NPTEL and access to the Khan Academy. This is a must have for all institutions.

  • Campus ERP

    We help you manage your institution better. By deploying a campus ERP system based on open-source software, we provide you a working solution at one-tenth of the cost of a typical commercial system. Manage admissions, maintain fee records, manage attendance and internal assessment records and manage your library among other operational processes. Streamline your institutional management by harnessing the power of IT.

  • Online Social Network

    Are you well-connected to your students? Are you reaching out to them with important information? Do you have a forum where students can interact with other students and faculty? We setup a Facebook like online social network for your college creating a closed community which fosters communication and improves engagement with students. Students too find a credible platform to communicate with the management and give vent to their feelings. This helps in creating a positive image of the institution in the minds of all stakeholders. We can setup the online social network for your institution in 5 days flat.