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Strong Accountability for Service Compliance in the Cloud

Jinhui Yao, Shiping Chen, Chen Wang, David Levy, John Zic


In recent years, computing resource provisioning through the adoption of the cloud computing has emerged as a promising paradigm to let companies and enterprises outsource their computational needs. Along with the widely adopted Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), organisations can wrap various kinds of technological product they are offering as a service, to collaborate with services provided by others to form new value-added business products. Facing the ever-escalating global competition in current economy, such collaboration is crucial for their survival. However, it is challenging to achieve trustworthiness in such a dynamic cross-domain environment, as each participant may deceit for individual benefits. As a solution, we propose a novel design to enforce strong accountability to enhance the trustworthiness in the cloud environment. With this accountability, the root of a violation can always be identified and associated with the responsible (or guilty) entity or entities, and this association is supported by non-disputable evidence. We elaborate the approach to incorporate our design into existing business processes defined using standard descriptive languages for business logic and service level agreements. Then we deploy the system into a computing cloud to evaluate its effectiveness.

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