A Trust-based Approach for Secure Data Dissemination in a Mobile Peer-to-Peer Network of AVs

Bharat Bhargava, Pelin Angin, Rohit Ranchal, Ranjitkumar Sivakumar, Asher Sinclair, Mark Linderman


Mobile peer-to-peer networks of aerial vehicles (AVs) have become significant in collaborative tasks including military missions and search and rescue operations. However, the nature of the communication between the nodes in these networks makes the disseminated data prone to interception by malicious parties, which could cause serious harm for the designated mission of the network. In this paper, we propose an approach for secure data dissemination in a mobile peer-to-peer network, where the data disclosed to a particular node in the network depends on the trustworthiness of that node as well as the matching of policies of the data source and destination. We demonstrate the use of active bundles for protecting sensitive data as they are sent from one node to another, on the simulation we developed for data dissemination in a mobile peer-to-peer network of AVs. We also discuss filtering techniques for dissemination of sensitive data in such networks.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.47164/ijngc.v3i1.165