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Composition of Web Services based on Timed Mediation

Nawal Guermouche, Claude Godart


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In the last few years there has been an increasing interest for Web service composition which is one of the important aspects of the Service Oriented Computing (SOC) paradigm. In the literature, many frameworks investigated mechanisms for synthesizing a composition based on operations and/or messages choreography constraints. Apart from these constraints, Web services interactions depend also on crucial quantitative timed properties. These properties affect considerably the behavior of services and we need to consider them when synthesizing compositions. Since Web services are developed autonomously, when composing services, conflicts, and in particular timed conflicts can arise and the composition fails. An interesting alternative is to generate a mediator to try to avoid these timed (and non timed) conflicts. In this paper, we first present how to model the behavior of Web services augmented with timed properties, and second we present a mechanism to deal with timed properties when building a composition of asynchronous services, potentially, based on a timed mediator.

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