Auction-based Admission Control for Continuous Queries in a Multi-Tenant DSMS

LORY AL MOAKAR, Panos K. Chrysanthis, Christine Chung, Shenoda Guirguis, Alexandros Labrinidis, Panayiotis Neophytou, Kirk Pruhs


The growing popularity of monitoring applications and “Big Data” analytics used by a variety of users will leadto a multi-tenant data stream management system. This paper deals with the problem of admission control ofcontinuous queries, where the stream processing resources are sold to the end users. We employ variable pricingby means of auction-based mechanisms. The admission control auction mechanism determines which queries toadmit, and how much to charge the user for each query in a way that maximizes system revenue. The admissionmechanism is required to be strategyproof and sybil-immune, incentivizing users to use the system honestly.Specifically, we require that each user maximizes her payoff by bidding her true value of having a query run. Wefurther consider the requirement that the mechanism be sybil-immune: that is, no user can increase her payoffby submitting queries that she does not value. Given the above requirements, the main challenges come from thedifficulty of effectively utilizing shared processing of continuous queries. We design several payment mechanismsand experimentally evaluate them.

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