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QoS Aware Load Balancing in Multi-tenant Cloud Environments

Susara Lakmal De Saram, Srinath Perera, Mahen Jayawardane


Current enterprise cloud services need to meet the challenge of serving customers, who expect different service levels, while achieving higher resource utilization. To catch a dominant market share, cloud vendors often need to provide different kinds of offerings to meet the emerging needs of their customers, rather than having a “one size fits all” approach. Multi-tenancy technology has dramatically increased the level of resource sharing. The improved sharing makes it challenging to provide differentiated services without losing the key benefits achieved by resource sharing. In this research, we investigated into the problem of serving different classes of users with different levels of Quality of Service, adhering to multi-tenancy. We propose a dynamic load balancing policy based on the principals of Queuing Theory to offer differentiated services. Our solution achieves the differentiation by using the level of concurrency in servers as the key attribute. The mechanism is self-adaptive to dynamic load conditions thus able to maintain the desired distance in average service times among the service classes. We implemented and tested the system on a prototype of a commercial cloud platform. Furthermore, we demonstrate the possibility of extending the proposed mechanism to support auto scaling as well.

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