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Investigating Techniques for Automating the Selection of Cloud Infrastructure Services

Miranda Zhang, Rajiv Ranjan, Dimitrios Georgakopoulos, Peter Strazdins, Samee U. Khan, Armin Haller


The Cloud infrastructure services landscape advances steadily leaving users in the agony of choice. As a result,Cloud service identication and discovery remains a hard problem due to dierent service descriptions, non-standardised naming conventions and heterogeneous types and features of Cloud services. In this paper, analysisthe research challenges and present a Web Ontology Language (OWL) based ontology, the Cloud ComputingOntology (CoCoOn). It denes functional and non-functional concepts, attributes and relations of infrastructureservices. We also present a system, CloudRecommender, that implements our domain ontology in a relationalmodel. The system uses regular expressions and Structured Query Language (SQL) for matching user requeststo service descriptions. We briey describe the architecture of the CloudRecommender system, and demonstrateits eectiveness and scalability through a service conguration selection experiment based on a set of prominentCloud providers' descriptions including Amazon, Azure, and GoGrid.

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